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Odd or Not Odd travels anywhere!
It's 5 1/2" wide x 6" tall. Toss it in your backpack, purse, beach bag, beer cooler, brief case…
and let the banter begin!

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The questioning of what's normal brought to you by

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The Reviews are In!

"Just received my copy of Odd or Not Odd... tender, quirky, smile-inducing, laugh-out-loud funny … overall, delightful! Congratulations!" ~ Gina DeLapa, author of many books including “Stuff You Already Know: And Everybody Should"

“Fun way to get the conversation flowing! Great gift-giving idea! Fun way to kick-off a dreaded meeting or a new project team! Think parties and road trips!” ~ Cassandra O’Brien

Odd or Not Odd in Action!


A video promo and tutorial of how to enjoy the game book Odd or Not Odd...


The get-together book.


How it all started.

As three best friends for the past 30 years, we came up with the idea for Odd or Not Odd in the most unlikely of places . . . an airport bar.

During a long flight delay, and after a few beers at the airport bar, we finally took off and Rachel pulled out a bag of pretzels. As she poured Dave a handful, a peanut dropped out. Dave looked at her with a puzzled expression. Why was there a peanut in the pretzel bag? Rachel responded with an equally puzzled look saying, “I combined my left-over snacks.”

And so it began.

Rachel assumed this was the norm; it was the norm in her family, though Julie and Dave thought it was odd. As we started writing down our “odd or not odd” (OONO) questions, we began to realize that many of these questions were deeply rooted in our own day to day behaviors established while growing up, or in our own households as adults.

Sometimes we just assume, “if everyone in our family did it, well then, it must not be odd.”

…or is it?

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How to Play

It’s your call. We have often found ourselves on a back porch, a road trip, a pontoon boat or dining out when we read a random OONO question to our friends. And know that when thinking “odd” you shouldn’t be thinking “strange” or “weird,” but rather something you don’t think is “the norm.” After reading a question, many times there is an immediate reaction; other times the response is a simple “hmmmm,” followed by silent pondering. In any case and in any place, just ask someone to call out a page and pick a question for the group. Many questions will lead to great discussion and lots of laughs, and more than likely you’ll learn things you never knew about one another.

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What's a Side Bar?

As you contemplate, debate and chuckle over each question, you may find yourself thinking some have an obvious spin-off. In this book, we call these “sidebars.” Feel free to come up with some of your own!

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Fun Facts

. . . because who doesn’t love mindless trivia? Note: they were pulled from the world wide web so they must be true.


Take a look inside! Is it odd or not odd. . .

. . . to have ridden in an ambulance?
Sidebar: cop car?
. . . to have a bird feeder in
your yard?
Sidebar: a bird bath?
— fun fact: A hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
. . . to have been to the
Grand Canyon?
— fun fact: Roughly 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon annually.
. . . to have a reproduction of a famous work of art in your house?
— fun fact: In Italian, Monna means Madonna, which means ‘My lady’.